CAPOEIRA ANGOLA NEGAÇA, located in Ithaca, will facilitate an hour of music and movement in the main room of the Foundation of Light

We can observe while we enjoy the fruit feast, or join in and give it a try.

It is a very welcoming community and practice.

What is Capoeira?

Afro-Brazilian martial art and dance that focuses on being mindful with strategy and position above speed and force, wisdom and playfulness over violence. Hidden in dance, played as a game, there is grace, beauty, risk, reward, and danger. Capoeira can be played by everyone; the strong and the weak, the young and the old, the blind and the deaf.
Capoeira is for everyone.

We take all of our inspiration and guidance on Capoeira Angola from Mestre Nô and his life long dedication to Capoeira Angola and his Group Capoeria Angola Palmares. Contra Mestre Graveto began his journey with Mestre Nô being the first and only Mestre he trained with for years in his early capoeira journey and has never left his teachings.


  • promoting longevity and a sustaining practice

  • mastery of movements in the game and life

  • intelligence over speed and force

  • cooperation 

  • the art of control over violence

  • respect and hommage to the elder masters and thier wisdom

  • for everyone regardless of age and ability

  • supported by the community for the community

  • promoting freedom for all


Capoeira Angola is a tradition and a ritual that at times is a game, a dance, a fight or a combination of all three. Deeply rooted in the Bantu warrior traditions and ways of seeing the universe (that some call spiritual magic) Angoleiros train to play a game which leads them to a greater knowledge of how to navigate the obstacles and perils all around us, not only in the roda (circle of playing) but in our lives as well.

Capoeira Angola is a musical tradition emphasizing ancient understandings in to strategy, tactics, attack, defense, creativity, imagination and self awareness. There is dance, grace, beauty, risk reward and danger. In Capoeira Angola there are no rules only respect and consequences. Capoeira Angola is the traditional form of capoeira that emphasizes wisdom over force, strategy over speed. It is said that capoeiristas are like chameleons, blending and adapting to their environment. The best capoeiristas appear calm when they play. Their game flows without resistance and defies gravity -- and at the right moment, they strike.

Please come play with us, we would love to have you share and experience this wonderful world of
Capoeira Angola Negaça!


Please join us for our weekly all levels classes Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 7:00-9:00 pm and Sunday Music classes inside Hanuman Siddhi. 

Hanuman Siddhi
407 Taughannock Boulevard
Ithaca, NY 14850

What to expect

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to sign in, get dressed, and ready for your first class

  • Bring loose fitting sports pants and clean t-shirt (no shorts please)

  • Your first class is free. $20 for additional drop in's or $40 per month

  • Be ready to move and have fun!