Fulang Miller



Fulang is a Visual Artist and LC Massage Therapist. She has been a resident of the Ithaca area since 2013. She practices and shows at various locations. www.Fulang.org

She is a graduate of Alfred University School of Art and Design, and has a wide background in the arts. She primarily uses color, paints, music, and sound composition. Her evolving set of projects include color therapy and sound healing with world instruments, like the didgeridoo, Native American flutes, percussion, and vocals.

Lang is also a graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage. She has a private practice with her partner Gazel, and collaborates with Dr. Lloyd Katz in Ithaca. She was introduced to massage therapy and other healing modalities through Eden Energy Medicine, which addresses the entire being by restoring flow and balance to the body's energy systems following traditional Chinese medicine techniques.