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Lisa Baechtle has been conjuring images in watercolor paint for over 40 years. Collage-making is one tool she utilizes in her creative practice to inspire ideas. Conjuring, with paint or printed images, opens doors to creative possibilities, discovery of inner worlds and, a deepening of soul living. She has guided artists and non-artists and survivors of sexual and substance abuse into visual worlds using the conjuring process to explore, discover and manifest images that guide, heal and define. Her passion is to share soul diving within the safe container of image making for self-healing, spiritual growth and creative curiosity.


Classes Lisa is currently offering the following. Email her for more information at LisBae333@gmail.com.

1)  a watercolor paint process workshop in Danby August 4.



2)  a monthly Conjuring class in her home. 

Her newest work reflects her own deep dive and conjuring…. .

Her newest work reflects her own deep dive and conjuring…..

3)  Her notecards are available at GreenStar Coop, Fulton Street, Ithaca.