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Lets invent new ways to own a home and land. 

What are the systems in place for this now?   Do they work for most people?  Can we use our creativity to create and pursue a new working model for our community?  Shakaya has been researching this for some years. People attending may also have knowledge and experience about what is already being tried. This workshop is about brainstorming, and trying to think in a very practical way outside the box.  This creative problem solving is the same part of the brain as we have been using to participate in the arts today. 

How about making a secure way for transients to build a safe and secure way to begin building towards home and place?

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How can we invent around these needs?   Do people in transition, or who are not sure of their permanent place have to rent and be giving all their assets to someone else who has ownership?  Is this the best way?  Can we create a model that creates a different norm and expectation? 

together we can make land and home ownership so much easier.  Large tracks are far less expensive, and helping to build as part of earning ones own dwelling makes sense. 

We can develop new ideas, that may have been done in history. With a little trust and creativity and bravery, we do not have to stay inside the boxes that do not work for society.  We can just invent a different way, and prove it works. In this way we have a working model that can be shared.  There are many organizations that support this endeavor, especially if a group has come up with a viable plan. 

using creativity, we can invent ways to grow all our own foods and care for our community, while also sharing our talents with the world at large. These things are possible. It waits for us to envision it and plan it. 

It is a time to let go of the structures and systems that do not work for the whole. It is time to use our creative abilities to research and choose something better. Anyone who wants to own a home and land, who would like to have a community that they actually know and share joys and sorrows with, and who wishes this for others, please look into this concept with us.