Gazel Cadet  

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Gazel Cadet is a Lisenced massage therapist and Eden Energy practitioner. He also enjoys involvement in all of the arts (visual, singing, dancing, instruments and singing, and theater). He is a philosopher and shining spirit who has been part of the local Capoeira group and has brought them to this years Benevolent Cosmos Celebration with his partner Lang. 

Gazel has always been interested in healing since his first discovery of energy. With the combination of his anatomical and physiological understanding of the human body, he employs a variety of healing techniques for medical/ holistic massage. This is done through deep tissue, trigger point therapy, aiding body symmetry and reflexology of the hands and feet. He works closely with attachment sites of tight muscles, and issues of the spine and hips with precision and intuitive care for relieving chronic/acute pain, and reducing stress from tension. 

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