There are a several tasks that need to be taken care of during this event.  There is a list below you can sign up for.  Please call Shakaya to sign up for one of the following tasks.  The entry fee is waived for helping out with any of these tasks.

 (607) 319-0813

fire angel:  make sure the fire stays burning and safe Friday                               7:30-11:00pm. (1-2 people)

Fruit Artist:  cut & arrange fruit friday 5-6pm (2-3 people)  

clean up friday 7:00:730pm:   Put away remaining food, wipe                                                             surfaces,  and clean dishes.                                                                 (2-4 people)

coffee and treat people:  make coffee & teas available, and                                                          arrange snacks Saturday                                                                      10:00am- 5:00pm  (2-4 people to check in